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Informatics school 2023

Informatics school 2023: contents, program, dates, practical information.

2023 summer school on informatics

Quantum computing, what we should know after discovering qubits

Scientific context

If it were to happen in its most promising form, the quantum computer would constitute a major breakthrough for many of the algorithms used within the industry. This concerns algorithms as varied as the resolution of partial differential equations, the simulation of molecules, combinatorial optimization, machine learning or financial mathematics.

The development of quantum algorithms follows drastically different rules and logic than those used in the development of classical algorithms.

Moreover, the maturity of the technology means that questions that a classical algorithmicist has stopped asking are once again relevant in the quantum world. Error correction, circuit representation formalism, data encoding or circuit compilation are all questions that are still open and that need to be adapted to the case under study. In the absence of machines, a deep theoretical work is carried out by the scientific community to address not only these questions, but also questions in quantum algorithms, quantum complexity classes, quantum information theory and quantum formal methods.


During this summer school, we will go beyond the first introductions to quantum computation and we will discuss notions such as error correction, the latest advances in quantum algorithms as well as the representation formalism of quantum circuits. In particular, we will present

  • A general introduction to quantum computing
  • Advances in optimization and combinatorial search
  • An overview of the technologies
  • Quantum formal methods
  • The ZX Calculus
  • Quantum walks and their use in the numerical solution of partial differential equations
  • Error correction and quantum volume concepts
  • Code compilation & languages
  • Quantum Learning Theory
  • Practiccal works and implementation and use on simple cases

provisional program

9h-11h Introduction and non variational Standard Algorithms (TBD)
13h30-14h00 Why EDF care about Quantum
14h00-16h45 Annealing, QUBOs, Variational Algorithms and open questions
17h00-18h30 Panorama of Technologies (O. Ezratty)

9h-12h Quantum Walks and PDEs (F. Debbasch)
13h30 – 14h GENCI
14h -16h45 Practical Session (Pasqal)
17h00 – 18h30 – Quantum Communication (TBD)
Diner (TBD)

9h-12h Quantum Operations Research (P. Lacomme)
13h30 – A cloud provider (TBD)
14h -16h45 Quantum Control (TBD)
17h00 – 18h30 A QPU provider (TBD)

9h-12h Error Correction (S. Louise)
13h30 – A cloud provider (TBD)
14h -16h45 Quandela’s Practical Work
17h00 – 18h30 TBD

9h-12h Compilation (B. Valliron)
13h30 – 14h30 A QPU Provider (TBD)
14h -16h45 Practical Work (TBD)

Practical information


July 3 – July 7, 2023


Boulevard Gaspard Monge
91120 Palaiseau


If you wish to participate, please fill the registration form Word icon and send it before June, 9, 2023 to Régis Vizet.


Summer schools secretary
Régis Vizet – CEA
tel: 01 69 26 47 45
Fax: 01 69 26 70 05

Coordinators of the computer science 2023 school
Joseph Mikael
Christian Gamrat
Fabrice Rastello
Simon Perdrix
Harold Ollivier

Registration fees (pre-tax price)

CEA, EDF, industry: 1200 euros
Academia / university & public research: 600 euros
Ph.D. students (a limited number): 300 euros